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UNCITRAL Events and Colloquia

01 October 2024 to 13 December 2024

La secretaría de la CNUDMI se complace en anunciar la 5ta edición de las Jornadas de la CNUDMI para América Latina y el Caribe (UNCITRAL LAC Days), las cuales tendrán lugar entre el 1 de Octubre y el 13 de Diciembre de 2024.

UNCITRAL LAC Days brinda un foro académico para que miembros de la academia, investigadores, estudiantes y partes interesadas del sector público y privado con una pasión por el derecho mercantil internacional compartan experiencias y mejores prácticas.

01 October 2024 to 13 December 2024

The UNCITRAL Secretariat is pleased to announce that the fifth edition of UNCITRAL LAC Days will take place between 1st October and 13th December 2024.

UNCITRAL LAC Days bring together members of the academia, researchers, students, and private and public stakeholders with a passion for international trade law to share experiences and best practices in an academic forum. 

31 May 2024

由联合国国际贸易法委员会和大连海事大学共同主办、中国商务部支持的“《贸易法委员会电子可转让记录示范法》与电子提单法律发展国会”将于 2024 年 5 月 31 日星期五以线上线下结合方式举行。在中国致力于对接国际高标准经贸规则的背景下,本次研讨会旨在针对国家立法与《贸易法委员会电子可转让记录示范法》开展差距分析,并在中国拟针对《海商法》开展修订的背景下研究与电子海运提单相关的实务和法律问题。

31 May 2024

Co-organized by UNCITRAL and Dalian Maritime University and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM), the “International Symposium on the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR) and Law Relating to Electronic B/L in Transition” will be held in person and virtually on Friday, 31 May 2024. Against the backdrop of China's commitment to international high-standard economic and trade rules, the symposium intends to take stock of the gap analysis between national legislation and the MLETR, as well as examine the practice-related and legal issues associated with electronic maritime bills of lading in the context of China’s planned revision of the Maritime Law.

28 May 2024

بتنظيم مشترك من لجنة الأمم المتحدة للقانون التجاري الدولي "الأونسيترال" وكلية الحقوق بجامعة عين شمس، تنعقد "ندوة السعي نحو الشفافية في التحكيم الاستثماري الدولي (الفرص والتحديات)" وذلك حضوريًا وعن بعد يوم الثلاثاء الموافق ٢٨ مايو ٢٠٢٤. يشهد عام ٢٠٢٤ الاحتفال بمرور ١٠ أعوام على معايير الأونسيترال المتعلقة بالشفافية. هذه الندوة هي أول فعالية تتعلق بمرور ١٠ أعوام على معايير الشفافية توجه للدول المتحدثة باللغة العربية. وتهدف إلى زيادة الوعي بمعايير الأونسيترال المتعلقة بالشفافية في المنطقة عن طريق التركيز على المسائل الهامة المتعلقة بالشفافية في التحكيم الاستثماري الدولي والنظر في أعمال الأونسيترال التي تتعلق بالشفافية مع دراسة الفرص والتحديات التي ستواجهها.

28 May 2024

Co-organized by UNCITRAL and the Faculty of Law of Ain Shams University, the "Symposium on the Quest for Transparency in International Investment Arbitration: Opportunities and Challenges" will be held in person and virtually on Tuesday, 28 May 2024. The year 2024 marks the tenth anniversary of the UNCITRAL Transparency Standards. The symposium aims to increase awareness about the UNCITRAL Transparency Standards in the region by focusing on the critical issues of transparency in international investment arbitration, looking into newly adopted UNCITRAL instrument reflecting transparency, and examining both the opportunities and the challenges that lie ahead. 

21 May 2024 to 22 May 2024

The Fourteenth Multinational Judicial Colloquium on Insolvency, co-sponsored by INSOL International, UNCITRAL and The World Bank Group, will take place in San Diego on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 May 2024. Since 1995 INSOL International and UNCITRAL have co-sponsored Multinational Judicial Colloquia on Insolvency. Since 2007 The World Bank Group has joined as co-sponsor.  These Colloquiums, held biannually in various locations around the world, have brought together judges, regulators and judicial officials from different jurisdictions to consider a wide range of insolvency-related issues. These issues have included judicial co-operation in cases of cross-border insolvency, access to courts by insolvency practitioners and recognition of insolvency administrations by foreign courts.The Colloquium is restricted to judges who deal with insolvency matters. The Colloquium will be in English. Click here for more information.

19 March 2024

The UNCITRAL Secretariat will hold the second edition of the discussion entitled “UNCITRAL's Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy Initiative” during the Paris Arbitration Week. The event will be hosted by Science Po Law School. 

Date & Time: Tuesday, 19 March 2024, from 15:00 to 16:30 CET

Venue: Sciences Po Law School - Salle du Conseil (5th Floor), 13 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris

Read more about the event here.

13 March 2024

Co-organized by UNCITRAL, the Ministry of Justice of Japan (MOJ), and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the 2024 Tokyo Forum on Dispute Resolution, themed “Enhancing credibility, certainty and enforceability of international dispute resolution”, will be held in person and virtually on Wednesday, 13 March 2024. The second session will address UNCITRAL’s project on stocktaking of developments in dispute resolution in the digital economy (DRDE), from which findings and future work proposals are expected to be presented at the Commission session in June/July 2024. The first session led by the ICSID will tackle international investment disputes, including on the new ICSID Rules. The event will be conducted in English with simultaneous Japanese translation provided.

08 November 2023

On 8 November, the UNCITRAL secretariat held the 2023 Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy Forum: Asia and Beyond co-organized with the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and South China International Arbitration Center (Hong Kong) at the latter’s premise in Hong Kong. As part of the World Tour initiative in UNCITRAL’s Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy project, two panels sought inputs on important DRDE topics from Chinese, Asian and global perspectives. The Secretary of UNCITRAL, Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret opened the event. Find the flyer below, which contains the programme, speaker bios and the event video at this link.

News Articles

05 July 2024

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) adopted the UNCITRAL Model Clauses on Specialized Express Dispute Resolution (SPEDR) (the “SPEDR Model Clauses”) at its 57th session in New York. Read the full press release here. 

03 July 2024

The European Union signed the United Nations Convention on Transparency in Treaty-based Investor-State Arbitration (the "Mauritius Convention on Transparency") at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 2 July 2024. The signature of the Convention by the European Union opens the door to Member States of the European Union to ratify, accede to or approve the Convention. Read the full press release here.

02 July 2024

The monthly compilation for June of the bibliography of recent writings related to the work of UNCITRAL is now available.