Second International Colloquium on Secured Transactions: Security Interests in Intellectual Property Rights

18-19 January 2007

David Vaver

Introducing the issues

Neil Cohen

General commercial and economic background to lending on tangibles and intangibles, specifically IP

Richard Kohn

The increasing importance of IP in financing transactions - (Hypothetical case)

Willem Grosheide

The possible interaction of the UNCITRAL drafts with European proposals on security interests

Ad Hoc Working Group

Report and Analysis of the Ad Hoc Working Group On Intellectual Property Financing regarding the UNCITRAL Draft Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions

Summary of the UNCITRAL draft Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions

Ulrich Drobnig

Chapters I - III: Key objectives, Scope of application and Basic approaches to security

Catherine Walsh

Chapters IV - V: Creation and Third-party effectiveness

Harry Sigman

Chapter VI: Registration

Catherine Walsh

Chapters VII: Priority

Harry Sigman

Chapters VIII-IX: Rights and obligations of the parties and Rights of third-party obligors

Madhukar Rangnath Umarji

Chapters X - XI: Default and Enforcement, and Insolvency

Additional Documents

Ulrich Drobnig

Chapter XII: Acquisition financing devices

Catherine Walsh

Chapter XIII: Conflict of Laws

Trademarks as collateral

Jeremy Phillips

Introduction to trademarks as collateral (including nature of asset, relevant terminology and examples of financing transactions)

Thilo Agthe

Creation (effectiveness between the parties) of a security right in a trademark

Oscar Alcantara

Third-party effectiveness and priority of a security right in a trademark

Chris Forsyth

Enforcement remedies (including in the case of insolvency) of a security right in a trademark, and third-party (e.g. licensor and licensee) rights

Michel Deschamps

Applicable law issues

Alexander von Mühlendahl

Community trademarks

Patents as collateral

Robert Bauer

Introduction to the use of patents as collateral, relevant international patent treaties and practices, and the creation and registration of security interests in patents

Steve Weise

Priority, effect of security interests on third parties, and applicable law issues

Nguyen Xuan-Thao

Collateralizing patents: debtor's and third party's rights

Steen Klein

Enforcement remedies in particular in the case of insolvency

Laurent Manderieux

Introducing the Issues

Copyrights as collateral

Thomas Dreier

Introduction of copyright (copyrighted works and industries concerned), and creation (description of the object that might serve as collateral, and restricted transferability of author's rights)

Catherine Walsh

Applicable law issues

Lorin Brennan

Third-party effectiveness and priority

Michael von Wolkenstein

Movie financing

Leianne Crittenden

Third-party (e.g licensor and licensee) rights, and enforcement remedies (including in the case of insolvency)

Other categories of intellectual property as collateral (e.g. trade secrets, industrial designs, etc.)

Justin Basara

Examples of practices

Paul Seiler

Trade secrets and non-traditional categories of intellectual property

Kiriakoula Hatzikiriakos


Trade Secrets and Non-Traditional IP Rights


Ben Goodger

Summary of colloquium

Michel Deschamps

Creation and applicable law issues

Ed Smith

Third-party effectiveness and priority and enforcement remedies