UNCITRAL Fourth International Colloquium on Secured Transactions

15-17 March 2017, Vienna

Contractual issues

Michel Deschamps,Bénédict Foëx,Richard M. Kohn,Steven O. Weise Christiane Wendehorst: Contractual guide on secured transactions (Part One): contractual advice to parties -
Security Agreement - Proposal Letter - Perfection Certificate - Form of Bailee's Letter - Outline

Transactional andregulatory issues

Neil Cohen: Capacity Building as a Key Determinant of Success in Secured Transactions Reform

Giuliano Castellano: Secured Transactions Law and Capital Requirements Enhancing Access to Credit and Financial Stability
Kumiko Koens: To Modernize or Not to Modernize - Secured Transactions Law in Japan
Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell: Transactionaladviceandregulatory considerations

Finance to microbusinesses

Maria del Pilar Bonilla, Louise Gullifer, Ignacio Tirado Martí: Finance to Micro-Businesses

Murat Sultanov: Finance to Micro-Businesses

Warehouse receipt financing

Marek Dubovec: Negotiable Documents under UNCITRAL Instruments; Paper Based and Electronic - Electronic Warehouse Receipts, Commodity Exchanges, and E-Platforms

Nick Budd: Issues for Practitioners and Law Reformers - Description of Warehouse Receipt Finance
Panos Varangis
Otto Wächter: WarehouseReceiptsin Austria

IP licensing

Thilo Agthe, Lorin Brennan, Jeff C. Dodd, Andrea Tosato: Intellectual Property Contracting Proposal

ADR in secured transactions

Georges Affaki

Orkun Akseli: Mediation in Enforcement Related Disputes
Anton Baier: Arbitrability of Disputes arising under Security Agreements or in Relation to Security Interests
Maya Boureghda Chebeane: ADR in Secured Transactions: Third Party Rights

The law applicable to proprietary effects of assignments of receivables

Catherine Walsh: The law applicable to the proprietary effects of assignments of receivables: Introduction

Peter Winship: The law applicable to proprietary effects of assignments of receivables: North America

Yuko Nishitani: Cross-Border Assignments of Receivables: Conflict of Laws in Secured Transactions

Christian Heinze: The law applicable to proprietary effects of assignment of receivables and insolvency

Eva Lein: BIICL Study Assignment and the Rome I Regulation:Effectiveness of an Assignment of a Claim against Third Parties and Priority of the Assigned Claim

Maria Vilar-Badia: The law applicable to thirdparty effects of transactions in claims and securities in EU law

Technical assistance in secured transactions: coordination and cooperationwith other organizations

Ammar Al-Saleh, Marek Dubovec,Charles Mooney, Jeannette Tramhel, Anna Veneziano, John Wilson: Technical Assistance in Secured Transactions: Coordination and Cooperation with other Organizations

Challenges in integrating a new secured transactions law into an existing legal system

Sir Roy Goode

Jean-Francois Riffard: Challenges and role of UNCITRAL?

Bruce Whittaker: Australia's Experience of Secured Transactions Law Reform - The view from Within

Hideki Kanda: Methodology of Harmonization and Modernization of Legal Rules on Secured Transactions -- Legal, Functional or Otherwise?