CISG@40 Events



Zagreb International Conference on the Law of Obligations
Zagreb, Croatia
12-13 December 2019
The conference is organised by the Department of Law at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business and is organised in the framework of the celebrations of the UNCITRAL Secretariat for the fortieth anniversary of the CISG.
CISG Advisory Council/Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara CISG Conference
Guadalajara, Mexico
6 February 2020
The Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara will host a CISG conference, in coordination with the 27th CISG Advisory Council Meeting. The theme of the conference is "5th Conference on International Arbitration and the UN Convention for the International Sale of Goods -- Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Enactment of the CISG".
CISG@40 Flagship Conference
Vienna, Austria
Flagship CISG@40 event coordinated with the Austrian Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the eve of the Vis Moot Court competition.
Congresso international: celebrando los 40 años de la CISG
Madrid, Spain
17 April 2020
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) will host a day-long conference celebrating 40 years of the CISG the day before the International Competition of Arbitration and Commercial Law (Moot Madrid). The event is co-organized by UC3M and UNCITRAL.
Dispute Management in a New World
Kingston, Jamaica
24 June 2020
The online event, "Dispute Management in a New World", is part of Jamaica International Arbitration Centre's (JIAC) Arbitration Week. The event will celebrate CISG@40 with the panel "Force Majeure under the CISG". Find the full schedule and information about the event here. Register here.  
Vis Moot Court East CISG@40 Programme
Hong Kong, PRC
27 October 2020
Flagship CISG@40 event co-organized with the Hong Kong Department of Justice originally scheduled to occur on the eve of the Vis Moot Court East competition..
International Commercial Legislation: Trends and Perspectives
Doha, Qatar
2-3 November 2020
Call for Papers
The conference will celebrate the CISG@40 and will explore the following main themes: the role of UNCITRAL in the harmonization of national laws; the impact of model laws and international principles and guidelines in drafting national laws; the impact of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) on private transactions; and the broader adoption and use of the CISG in Arab countries.
St. Petersburg International Legal Forum
St. Petersburg, Russia
18-21 May 2021
Multiple panels will discuss different aspects of the CISG.