Webinar on Treaty Parties' involvement and control mechanisms on treaty interpretation

The UNCITRAL Secretariat and the ISDS Academic Forum organized a webinar on the topic of treaty interpretation and control by States Parties over the interpretation of their investment treaty in the context of ISDS. It focus particularly on the existing framework which foresees unilateral, joint and multilateral interpretations and the current practice


Webinar Video


  • Gabriel Bottini (Adjunct Professor, University of Buenos Aires)     English 
  • Yuliya Chernykh (Guest researcher, PluriCourts, University of Oslo)      English | Français  
  • Lise Johnson (Columbia Centre for Sustainable Investment (CCSI))     English
  • Catherine Titi (Research Associate Professor, CNRS-CERSA, University of Paris II Panthéon - Assas)       English | Français  
  • Sylvie Tabet (Canada)       English | Français
  • Jaemin Lee (Korea)       English | Français