Multilateral Instrument on ISDS Reform Webinar - 23 April 2020

The UNCITRAL Secretariat and the ISDS Academic Forum organized a webinar on the topic of a multilateral instrument on ISDS reform on 23 April 2020. Topics for discussion included the possible architecture of a multilateral instrument that would aim at providing the framework for the implementation of various reform options: the instrument could include specific provisions and annexes, addressing various reform options; it can also foresee the preparation of protocols for addressing possible developments; a further possibility would be for the instrument to also set-up a multilateral institution for investment dispute settlement that would allow States to choose among different modes of dispute settlement administered by the institution (reformed investor-State arbitration, inter-State arbitration, use of a multilateral standing mechanism, domestic remedies).


Webinar Video


  • Maria Paula Quijana (Colombia)     English | Français
  • Claudia Salgado (Ecuador)     English | Français
  • Mairée Uran Bidegain (Chile)     English | Français
  • Colin Brown (EU and its Member States)     English | Français
  • Anthea Roberts (Professor, School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), Australian National University)     English/Français  
  • Michele Potestà (Senior Researcher, CIDS; Attorney, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler)     English | Français
  • Stephan Schill (Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam)     English | Français
  • Manjiao Chi (Professor, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing)     English | Français
  • Wolfgang Alschner (Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa)     English | Français