Sessions and Events

  • 24 June–12 July 2024, New York
  • 25–29 September 2023, Vienna (falls on Yom Kippur)
  • 5–9 February 2024, New York
  • 2–6 September 2024, Vienna (tentative)
  • 30 September–4 October 2024, Vienna (tentative)
  • 1–5 April 2024, New York
  • 23–27 September 2024, Vienna (tentative)
  • 16–20 October 2023, Vienna
  • 15–19 April 2024, New York
  • 18–22 November 2024, Vienna (tentative)
  • 11–15 December 2023, Vienna
  • 13–17 May 2024, New York
  • 25–29 November 2024, Vienna (tentative)
  • 27 November–1 December 2023, Vienna (falls on Gurpurab)
  • 6–10 May 2024, New York
  • 9–13 December 2024, Vienna (tentative)


21 May 2024 to 22 May 2024

The Fourteenth Multinational Judicial Colloquium on Insolvency, co-sponsored by INSOL International, UNCITRAL and The World Bank Group, will take place in San Diego on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 May 2024. Since 1995 INSOL International and UNCITRAL have co-sponsored Multinational Judicial Colloquia on Insolvency. Since 2007 The World Bank Group has joined as co-sponsor.  These Colloquiums, held biannually in various locations around the world, have brought together judges, regulators and judicial officials from different jurisdictions to consider a wide range of insolvency-related issues. These issues have included judicial co-operation in cases of cross-border insolvency, access to courts by insolvency practitioners and recognition of insolvency administrations by foreign courts.The Colloquium is restricted to judges who deal with insolvency matters. The Colloquium will be in English. Click here for more information.

19 March 2024

The UNCITRAL Secretariat will hold the second edition of the discussion entitled “UNCITRAL's Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy Initiative” during the Paris Arbitration Week. The event will be hosted by Science Po Law School. 

Date & Time: Tuesday, 19 March 2024, from 15:00 to 16:30 CET

Venue: Sciences Po Law School - Salle du Conseil (5th Floor), 13 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris

Read more about the event here.

13 March 2024

Co-organized by UNCITRAL, the Ministry of Justice of Japan (MOJ), and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the 2024 Tokyo Forum on Dispute Resolution, themed “Enhancing credibility, certainty and enforceability of international dispute resolution”, will be held in person and virtually on Wednesday, 13 March 2024. The second session will address UNCITRAL’s project on stocktaking of developments in dispute resolution in the digital economy (DRDE), from which findings and future work proposals are expected to be presented at the Commission session in June/July 2024. The first session led by the ICSID will tackle international investment disputes, including on the new ICSID Rules. The event will be conducted in English with simultaneous Japanese translation provided.

08 November 2023

On 8 November, the UNCITRAL secretariat held the 2023 Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy Forum: Asia and Beyond co-organized with the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and South China International Arbitration Center (Hong Kong) at the latter’s premise in Hong Kong. As part of the World Tour initiative in UNCITRAL’s Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy project, two panels sought inputs on important DRDE topics from Chinese, Asian and global perspectives. The Secretary of UNCITRAL, Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret opened the event. Find the flyer below, which contains the programme, speaker bios and the event video at this link.

06 November 2023 to 07 November 2023


New Articles

08 April 2024

Representatives of more than 70 State delegations and 40 international organizations gathered at the United Nations Headquarters in New York last week to complete another set of reforms in investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS), which Working Group III of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) was mandated to carry out in 2017. Read the full press release here.

04 April 2024

The monthly compilation for March of the bibliography of recent writings related to the work of UNCITRAL is now available.

18 March 2024

Belgium and the European Union have become signatories to the United Nations Convention on the International Effects of Judicial Sales of Ships (the “Beijing Convention on the Judicial Sale of Ships”). Read the full press release here.