Working Group VI: Negotiable Cargo Documents

UNCITRAL Working Group VI is currently developing a new instrument on negotiable cargo documents. While bills of lading have been widely used as documents of title in the maritime sector, transport documents issued by rail, road and air carriers (often known as “consignment notes”), which are typically non-negotiable, cannot serve that function. The new instrument intends to create a new type of document of title entitled “negotiable cargo document”, which could perform an analogous function as a maritime bill of lading for the carriage of goods for any mode of transport in a multimodal or unimodal context.

For more information, see "Fact sheet: UNCITRAL project on negotiable cargo documents" (A/CN.9/WG.VI/WP.102).

44 th session, 6-10 May 2024, New York

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43 rd session, 27 November-1 December 2023, Vienna

42 nd session, 8-12 May 2023, New York

41 st session, 28 November - 2 December 2022, Vienna