Webinar on the Role of Mediation in ISDS

The UNCITRAL Secretariat and the ISDS Academic Forum organized a webinar on the topic of mediation. The webinar will focused in particular on the existing legal framework and practice of mediation as well as its role in future ISDS.


Webinar Video


  • Anne van Aaken (A. von Humboldt Professor for Law and Economics, Legal Theory, Public International Law and European Law, University of Hamburg)     English | Français
  • Arvid Bell (Lecturer, Harvard University, Director of the Negotiation Task Force)     English | Français  
  • Deborah Masucci (FCIArb, Arbitrator and Mediator, Co-Chair of the International Mediation Institute (IMI))     English | Français 
  • Barton Legum (Partner, Dentons)     English/Français 
  • Frauke Nitschke (ICSID Representative)     English | Français