Questionnaire on measures taken by States to overcome the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic


At its fifty-third session (2020), the Commission considered (A/75/17, part two, paras. 86-89) a proposal (A/CN.9/1039/Rev.1) made by the Government of the Russian Federation, and supported by the Governments of Armenia and Viet Nam, requesting the UNCITRAL secretariat to commence exploratory work on matters of international commercial law related to overcoming the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and other large-scale emergencies, on international trade. 

In keeping with the request of the Commission to explore the proposal further (in partnership with interested governments or organizations) and report back to the Commission at its fifty-fourth session in 2021 (A/75/17, part two, paras. 16 (i) and 89), and mindful of the mandate of UNCITRAL and of other international organizations, the following questionnaire has been prepared. The Secretariat requests member and observer States to provide their responses to the questionnaire via no later than 19 March 2021. Responses will be used by the Secretariat in discharging the exploratory mandate conferred by the Commission and in reporting back to the Commission at its fifty-fourth session. 

The Secretariat was also requested during the fifty-third session of the Commission (A/75/17, part two, para. 89) to explore the possibility of developing an online information platform where States might share their experience with legal response and recovery measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, information provided by States in response to this questionnaire may be used to populate such a platform, pending its approval by the Commission at a future session. In addition, unless otherwise indicated in the appropriate field, information provided by States may be consulted by other States.

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