RCAP@10: The Road Ahead: Regional trade, global standards, and the future of legal harmonization

Friday, 11 November 2022 - 9:30am to 7:00pm

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, UNCITRAL RCAP invites you to its RCAP@10 conference themed "The Road Ahead: Regional trade, global standards, and the future of legal harmonization" to be held via Zoom on 11 November 2022 from 09:30 to 19:00 Korea Standard Time (UTC+9). The event is co-hosted with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea and Incheon Metropolitan City, and supported by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and Korean Commercial Arbitration Board INTERNATIONAL (KCAB INTERNATIONAL).    

This full-day event brings together representatives from the law, business, and public sectors to discuss RCAP’s achievements in promoting regional partnerships enhancing legal harmonization, with special attention on innovative ways to further facilitate cross-border commercial transactions in the Asia-Pacific.  

The event will be conducted in English and is open to the public free of charge on Zoom.  Register here. For more details, please see the e-flyer.  


Speaker Bios

[Opening Ceremony] Opening Remarks & Welcome Address

Ms. Lee, Noh Kong, Vice Minister of Justice, Republic of Korea

Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret, Secretary of UNCITRAL

Mr. Yoo, Jeong Bok, Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea

[RCAP@10] Celebrating a Decade of Regional Partnerships on Enhancing Legal Harmonization

Moderator: Ms. Athita Komindr, Head, UNCITRAL RCAP

  • Mr. Jung Hyun Park, Director for International Legal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Korea, "KMOJ and RCAP: Celebrating 10 years of Partnership"
  • Ms. Phenix Tse, Senior Government Counsel, Department of Justice, Hong Kong SAR China, “Collaboration between HK Department of Justice and UNCITRAL”
  • Mr. Ganbold Baasanjav, Head, UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office, “The Road Ahead: Strengthening Resilient and Sustainable Cross-Border Connectivity”
  • Dr. Min Young Jang, Korea Legislation Research Institute, Republic of Korea, “Cooperation and Development between UNCITRAL RCAP and KLRI”
  • Ms. Jessica Viven-Wilksch, Deputy Chair, UNCCA, Australia
  • Mr. Gourab Banerji, Senior Advocate & Vice Chair, UNCCI, India
  • Prof. Jaemin Lee, Seoul National University School of Law, Republic of Korea, “UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day Events - Robust Interaction with Young Students”
  • Mr. Heehwan Kwon, Director, KCAB INTERNATIONAL
  • Prof. Anthea Roberts, Director of Centre for International Governance and Justice, Australia National University, “ISDS Capacity Building”
  • Dr. Zhijin (Donna) Huang, Director, Arbitration and ADR, North Asia, ICC Dispute Resolution Services, “UNCITRAL AP Day, A Milestone to Celebrate” 
  • Dr. Viatcheslav Gavrilov, Dean, Far Eastern Federal University School of Law, Russia

[Incheon Law & Business Special Roundtable] Paving the Way for Global Access: How Can the Law Help Businesses Navigate Cross-Border Challenges in the New Normal?

Moderator: Ms. Athita Komindr, Head, UNCITRAL RCAP

[Panel 1] Fast Tracking Legal Harmonization: Asia-Pacific Successes and Prospects

Moderator: Ms. Athita Komindr, Head, UNCITRAL RCAP

[Panel 2] Building Bridges: Innovations in Cross-Border Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice

Moderator: Mr. Jae Sung Lee, Senior Legal Officer, UNCITRAL

[Panel 3] Trailblazers: Digital trade – Global Standards and Regional Perspectives

Moderator: Mr. Luca Castellani, Legal Officer, UNCITRAL

[Panel 4] Roadrunners: MSME Establishment, Access to Finance, Recovery Support and Sustainable Trade

Moderator: Ms. Monica Canafoglia, Legal Officer, UNCITRAL

[Closing] Closing Remarks

Ms. Athita Komindr, Head, UNCITRAL RCAP